Natural cedar epoxy river loft table dark

We listened carefully to our clients and responded with a high in demand loft table made from the same natural cedars and oak ash as our other products, but this time with a twist. We have carefully crafted a fine water element through the center of the stunning table using our proprietary epoxy resin mixture that replicates the subtle beauty of a rushing river.

This is an excellent conversation piece for any room in your home with a rare feature that sparks the imagination. The natural edges and contours of the loft table are complemented by the brighter resin color that will remind your guests of trips with family, cool relaxing water, and carefree days spent watching the current push past. Truly a one of a kind piece of furniture that elevates any room to a whole other level.

  • Our proprietary epoxy resin mixture is highly durable and painstakingly designed to maintain a smooth and balanced top.
  • Each table is carefully treated for a refined, smooth feel that does not take away from the unique features of the wood.
  • We keep the contours of the wood along the sides and edges for a more natural appeal that gives each table its own personality.

Wood: cedar

Epoxy river: 1

Table length: 79"

Table width: 31 1/2"

Table height: 30"

Weigth: 115 lbs

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